First American buying B of A mortgage lien release business

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Jacob Gaffney. KEYWORDS Bank of America BofA FAF First American Lien release. First American Financial just inked a deal to acquire Bank of America’s lien release business. The deal is huge as it also includes an agreement to provide such services to Bank of America going forward.

BofA sold the second mortgage to Household Finance, which then was sold or became part of HSBC. The BofA short sale has now been put on hold until we can get a payoff on the HSBC loan; however, after many weeks of researching this with HSBC, the attorney, the seller and myself have been transferred from department to department with no luck.

The first is from 1998 and is with WMC Mortgage Corporation. They were a subprime lender bought by GE in 2004 and later shut down. The second is with associates home equity Services.

Lien Release. Leverage the superior technology, seasoned professionals and the proven resources of the CleanFile Solutions team at First American Mortgage Solutions to meet your lien release needs. We offer lien release generation, execution, recordation and tracking services.

First American Financial has entered an acquisition agreement that would enhance its offering of post-closing services. The company is acquiring Bank of America’s lien-release business and has.

We are the 4th lien holder in a property and trying to foreclose on the property. The first lien and the second lien is exactly the same amount so we believe the first lien should have been released. The mortgage company went out of business so it looks like the loan was sold to another mortgage company which also went out of business.

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